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    3. Tel:+86-021-54401026
      Текущее местоположение:домаAbout T.P.AКраткое описание


      T.P.A-TRANSPACK is a wholly foreign owned company with strong market background of commonwealth of independent states.The company is developping with group form to promote cooperation between China and commonwealth of independent states.The company have set up several plants in overseas,meanwhile,the company also have set up many import and export corporation of industry and trade integration in many main cities,we have a experienced team and cooperate with commonwealth of independent states for many years.We have unique advantage for client's request、initial inquiry、contract execution and after-sales service.

      Kyrgyzstan-Corrugated cardboard production line(1800mm),automatic flexo printing & slotting & die-cutting machine,automatic strapping machine.

      Kyrgyzstan-Paper machine(1575mm)

      Kyrgyzstan-After print process plant

      Kazakhstan-Corrugated cardboard production line(2200mm), automatic flexo printing & slotting & die-cutting machine,automatic strapping machine.

      Kazakhstan-Paper pulp molding production line(5000pcs capacity)

      Kazakhstan-Paper machine(4300mm)

      Moscow-Overseas cooperation company

      We supply products to display in overseas plant,our overseas clients can see the running equipments and condition,then the clients can comprehensive understanding advantage and characteristic of products more direct and more clear.The Right Way-T.P.A serve you wholeheartedly.

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